Through offering support to the Open Source Healing Initiative, you will be nurturing a totally needs-led, organically grown, community born, independent organisation that exists solely to bring about positive societal change and support those that want help, when they need it. 
You will also be directly assisting us to deliver the following:

Help Others

Help those who have lost their voice. Build genuine relationships that support and encourage others in need.

System Changes

Bring about systems change at all levels and help enhance the quality of life for all involved in the project.

Create Results

Create micro-economy led by those who have lived through it and measured in genuine success. 

Challenge Stigma

Help us to challenge stigma, status quo failures and out-dated systems and attitudes. 

Research Hub

Building a research hub for championing innovation in recovery & mental health treatment and solutions. 

Healing Initiative

Spearheading a Healing Initiative that is limitless in it’s potential for growth and impact. 


Our name includes the words Open Source Healing initiative as well as the acronym OSHI (which means friend, that support in Japanese) and as such we maintain open doors, hearts and minds in regards to any ideas that support us in healing, be that at a individual level or societal healing and as such welcome: 

Time & Energy. 

Lived and Living Experience. 

Thoughts, Ideas and Passion. 

Physical Resources and Finance. 

Network Connection. 

Unique Talent & Professional Services. 

Open Minded about other suggestions! 


OSHI is growing organically and independently and our strength lay directly with our ever growing pool of talent and resources held collectively with our people. We welcome applications from any interested parties that have relevant lived experience of addiction, recovery and wider mental wellness experience. 

We’re wide open for new ideas, suggestions or inspiration.

Please get in touch for an informal conversation.


If you’re in a position to donate physical resources or finances to the OSHI Project. OSHI is totally independent and has been set up and funded by our volunteers out of sheer passion to help others and all of our client care is totally not for profit. 

If you’d like to Donate to OSHI; We’re very grateful indeed.

You can do so by making a bank transfer into following details:

Bank: Starling Bank
Account Name: Open Source Healing Initiative CIC
Account Number 66625944
Sort Code: 608371
Reference: OSHI 

Please e-mail us at [email protected] to let us know you’ve donated as we’d love to thank you personally!