OSHI’s services have evolved organically to meet the challenges of modern society and fill gaps left by existing statutory services and overwhelmed NHS services. From our inception through to the present day; our offering is always adapting and currently aligns into 3 distinct areas, OSHI Care, OSHI Corporate and OSHI Research.


OSHI Care is focused solely on supporting the recovery process. Everything we do in this division is in the service of those we serve and in reinforcing building Recovery Capital.

Dedicated 1-2-1 OSHI Recovery Coaching Service

Dedicated 1-2-1 Therapeutic Person Centred Counselling Service. 

Community Care Environment. 

24/7 Access. 

No discharges or graduations – simply on-going support. 


OSHI Corporate was born from demand for our services and has grown into a distinct offering seeking to educate, enhance and support organisations using our services. The division offers

Training & Development workshops. (raising awareness, challenging stigma, enhancing education)

Holistic sessions for staff well-being. (meditation, yoga, fitness). 

Motivational Speakers. (Life stories, overcoming hard-ships) 

Dedicated OSHI Care Recovery Coaching for named organisation (named OSHI Care coach on hand to support staff/clients alike).


OSHI Research underpins all of our services in supporting us to continuously evolve to better serve our clients and society at large. It was born out of Primary Research conducted by our founder and has grown to include multiple relationships with academic, clinical and public bodies both in the UK and internationally and aims to re-address the balance in focusing energy in supporting innovation in recovery/treatment services. 

Data science/trend analysis. Focus Groups/Interviewing.  

Conducting in-house primary research & development. 

Open to collaborating or supporting local, national or international research aims for potential partners who share our vision of delivering more effective options that result in enhanced quality of life, cost saving micro economies and championing lived experience.