Review some of the research projects we have undertaken and the results we achieved for them.


Ex-liver patient with lived experience of engaging with the NHS/alcohol & drug services identified gaps in system and approached leading gastro consultant to raise new ideas.

Given opportunity to join the NHS as an independent volunteer to work with patients as a community liaison/lived experience coach.

Worked for 9 months in the NHS, working directly with Liver Services and Alcohol Care Team.

Took referrals of 48 patients. 

Worked with patients in the hospital and supported them during and post acute alcohol 

Provided on-going support for discharged patients in the community. 

Please visit the British Medical Journal for full breakdown of results: P025 OSHI


Identified an opportunity to provide OSHI Care Provision to benefit clients (people between 16-26) whom otherwise may fall through systemic gaps. Consulted with the organisation to discuss a way forward.

Held several meetings with management team to discuss need/opportunity to best serve it’s clients.

Through consultation and co-production; identified the ideal OSHI Care Recovery Coach to meet organisational need.  

Provide on-going exclusive OSHI Care Recovery Coach that is based on clients premises to ensure maximum chances of supporting clients and also acts a referral conduit to wider OSHI Care Provision/support.  

On-going face-time/presence of an OSHI Care Recovery Coach on clients premises ensures more opportunities for organisations clients to access help when they need it most.

Regular referrals for tailored support generated due to presence of OSHI Care Coach resulting in immediate/on-going care.  

This support enhances the organisations care proposition to its clients by adding an additional layer of specialist support tailored to their needs.