Joining OSHI is a revolutionary act in that you’re becoming part of a cutting edge, system changing and societal shaping enterprise.

We are Open Source by nature and as such volunteering or working with us is totally flexible and works around you and the clients we serve. We’re heart centred and invest heavily in everything we do.

If you decide to work with us; you will have a genuine opportunity to:

Learn & Develop.

Have fun.

Channel your energy/talent into good. 

Be totally flexible. 

Be valued for your unique life experience and personality. 

Above all; do good, feel good and be part of a movement that is helping to change lives as well as influence systems change. 


OSHI is an Open Source Healing Initiative and whatever talent/experience or expertise you have acquired in the course of living your life that you want to put towards helping others can be organically integrated into what we do.

We welcome applications and enquiries from ANYONE with any experience/skills and is passionate about helping build an innovative approach to treating addiction, building recovery and tackling mental health issues.

What you may have been born with or lived through or acquired as a skill by chance of natural occurrence is EXACTLY what someone out there may need to be able to relate and identify to and therefore dramatically increase their chances of achieving physical and mental recovery.

Get in touch to share your experience, at the very least; we’re always open to stimulating and interesting conversation.


We offer a unique opportunity to help people who would greatly benefit from your personal experience and be part of transforming and healing others by simply being yourself. In addition to this we offer:

Personal training & and development opportunities. 

Clinical/Coaching Supervision. 

Opportunity to receive counselling. 

Chance to use your unique personality and experience to support someone exactly when they need it. 

Be part of a rapidly growing social enterprise. 

Personally contribute to direction of organisational growth. 

Extremely flexible working conditions.
Some of our staff work for 5 minutes a day and STILL make a huge impact on people’s lives while others happily work 100 hour weeks and are still smiling!